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We interact with our target groups in a number of ways.

1. Social Media - Writing, Photography, Videography, Interviews
2. Traditional Mainstream Media -Writing, Photography, Videography, Interviews
3. Weekly Gotong Royong Education By Action! (GREduAction!)
4. Walkabout/Talkabout
5. ARTS!@RiverThree
6. Webinars
7. Training
8. Events/Tasks/Activities-Based Projects
9.  Competitions, Contests & Challenges

Interaction is at the heart of what we do in River Three because it is a community-initiated, community-led, community-designed, community implemented and community-owned initiative. From the creation to the execution, everything in River Three is done by community. Ours is NOT a government-funded infrastructure project like River Of Life. This is not to say that we don't build infrastructure. Infrastructure is a vital part of our three pillars. However, we do so by first building communities and these communities are cross-sectoral and includes government. In order to do that, we have to interact with individuals in a sector and engage them in our mission. 

Here is one example. To engage JPS Malaysia to support our work at MVR3, we hosted the 2nd Anniversary and Inaugural MVR3 Little River Festival and invited them to officiate. At the event, we launched the Placemaking Design Competition and engaged judges from the placemaking and architectural academia and industry. We solicited participants from universities and sponsors for the prizes from the private sector. We then hosted the prize-giving ceremony with the media. As a result, we gained placemaking ideas from youth (our objective was to engage youth in placemaking), impressed JPS with our innovation and provided them with cost-effective and innovative solutions to river rehabilitation and public engagement and created newsworthy content for the mainstream media which allowed us to reach a broader section of the target groups we are trying to reach. 




FoSK MVR3 – BEFORE (March 2019)


FoSK MVR3 – BEFORE (March 2019) and Now

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the transformation!

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