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FoSK MVR3 2nd Anniversary and Inaugural Little River Festival Place Maker Design Competition 2021

A. About Friends of Sungai Klang Mid Valley River Three (FoSK MVR3)

FoSK MVR3 is the second chapter of the Alliance Of River Three, which are River Conservation, Protection and Rehabilitation (River CPR) sites implementing the River Three Programme.

River Three is a River Conservation, Protection and Rehabilitation / Rejuvenation (River CPR) Programme. River Three refers to building River Amenities, River Communities and River Economy, which are crucial to building a sustainable community initiated-led-designed-built-owned and managed River CPR programme. It is platformed on the UN Sustainable Development Agenda 2030, UN Local Agenda 21 and UNDP Mainstreaming Of Biodiversity Conservation In River Management.

The Mid Valley River Three Park (MVR3 Park) Zone 1 used to be a general trash and construction waste dumping ground. Zone 1 has been totally transformed from that into a space for a social experiment. From the first major clean up dated back on 31 March 2019 through continuous weekly unbroken Gotong-Royong Education by Action (GREduAction!) on every Sunday since then. We achieved the 100th GREduAction! mile stone on the 28 February 2021 and we are celebrating our 2nd Anniversary and 104 weeks of GREduAction! on 21 March 2021.

FoSK MVR3 was selected as the Champion in the NGO Category of the Inaugural ROLPOP5 Awards 2019. The ROLPOP5 awards recognises outstanding contributions in the field of River CPR for the organisations working on River CPR in Phase 5 of ROLPOP.

The River Three - River CPR Programme was created and led by Kennedy Michael, supported by Syuen Toh, Gabriel Ng and Shayley Hing. His initiative and efforts were recognised by the Star Foundation and in 2020, he was selected as one of the 10 recipients of The Star Golden Hearts Award, an annual award that celebrates everyday Malaysian unsung heroes.

Moving forward, the current site is being transformed into a community-based space for River CPR Education & Training, STEAM-based Education for Primary and Secondary school students as well as the general public, Biodiversity Observation & Conservation, Urban Pollinator Gardens Programme and Community Arts & Culture.

Why participate in the FoSK MVR3 Place Maker Design Competition for Public Space?

1. Increase credibility and gain industry-wide recognition for your profile and project.
2. Valuable work experience on your resume (even before you graduate).
3. Showcase piece for regional placemaking recognition.

B. Applications Entry Criteria and Terms & Conditions

Competition start date : Sunday, 11 April 2021
Submission closing date : Sunday, 16 May 2021
Winners announcement date : Sunday, 30 May 2021
Prize giving date : Sunday, 6 June 2021

Champion Award ( x 1) : RM 1,500.00 + Certificate
First Runner Up ( x 1) : RM 1,000.00 + Certificate
People’s Choice Award ( x 1) : RM 500.00 + Certificate

Who can apply?

Applications are open to anyone who is a current registered undergraduate (diploma or degree or professional degree) student at an institution of higher learning registered with Malaysian Ministry Of Education.

What we are looking for?

While we have our own ideas for what we want the space to be and how it should look like and work, our mission is also to engage youth to create awareness that will lead to ownership in the long run. We have found that primarily, part of the problem with urban rivers is the application of outdated and irrelevant approaches to the contemporary challenges and requirement. Past solutions have not been effective as they are unable to meet 80% of real time challenges. We need new ideas and solutions that will be applicable and effective. Therefore, we are looking to the contemporaries of this generation to create contemporary solutions that are resilient, adaptable, inclusive and supports the SDG30.

The design should;

1. Promote sustainable and responsible community use of a public space.

2. Promote the River Three - River Conservation, Protection and Rehabilitation (River CPR) Programme

3. Demonstrate a series of engagement sessions with the surrounding community and other potential visitors - to ascertain issues, challenges and aspirations for the site.

4. Feature sustainable applications that benefit the surrounding community and promotes a strong sense of belonging, well-being and vibrancy. Takes into account of safety and security.

5. Promote both economic and social opportunities for residents and businesses in the vicinity

6. Promote Biodiversity Conservation based on Pollinator Garden & Bamboo Grooves as the main features.

7. Be a space that is easily adaptable for multiple types of usages.

8. Be a low cost, high impact design that can be built by volunteers.

9. Increases site visibility

Please read the Terms & Conditions in the following section.

For any enquiry regarding the competition, please contact:
Name : Kennedy Michael
Designation : Founder, Alliance Of River Three
Mobile : +6012-3222918
Email :


C. Panel of Judges

1. Chairperson, Placemaking Malaysia:
Lee Jia-Ping
Organising Secretary, Placemaker Awards ASEAN
Partner, Tempatico

2. Puan Juwairiyah Ho, Director
Iktisas Planners Sdn Bhd


3. Assistant Professor Dr Irina Safitri Zen
Deputy Director Campus Sustainability Management Development
Division Dept. of Urban Regional Planning (URP)
Kulliyyah of Architecture and Environmental Design
International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM)



D. Terms & Conditions

1. Design output format: PDF File and 1 x A0 Print Out. Additionally, a 3D Animated Video rendition would be welcome.

2. Submission must be emailed to

3. Closing date for submission is 23:59 on Sunday 16 May 2021.

4. The judges' decisions is final and no appeals will be entertained.

5. All costs for participation is to be borne by the participant and Alliance Of River Three will not entertain nor be liable for any claims for reimbursements.

6. Alliance Of River Three reserves the right to use all of part of any of the designs submitted without financial recompense or written permission from the participant or design owner.

7. Notwithstanding point 6, Alliance Of River Three will credit the participant / design owner if the design is used or featured in our site or any of our communication platforms or collateral.

8. The design remains the property of the participant / design owner and they are free to use it or feature it on any of their personal or professional initiative or communications platforms or collateral.

For any enquiry regarding the competition, please contact:
Name : Kennedy Michael
Designation : Founder, Alliance Of River Three
Mobile : +6012-3222918
Email :


MVR3 site visit can be accessed on every Sunday, 9am to 11am.

For site visit, contact:
Name : Syuen Toh
Designation : Co-founder, Alliance Of River Three
Mobile : +6012 – 657 3739
Email :

Whatapps or email with the details below for appointment for site visit:
Full name :
Mobile :
Date (Sunday) to visit :
Institution / University name :





FoSK MVR3 – BEFORE (March 2019)


FoSK MVR3 – BEFORE (March 2019) and Now

Click me to see

the transformation!

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