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Water is the source of all life and economy. The existence of humans on this planet relies entirely on air and water. 

We conserve, protect and rehabilitate riverine & biodiversity ecosystem.


We are NOT a clean up group.


River does not need clean up so long human do not pollute it

Everyone is a polluter, when you do not sort your waste to recyclables and compost your food waste.


Unplanned / random tree planting is a disservice to the environment, likewise, one-time trash pick up event is the lowest hanging fruit that produces no impact except 'syok sendiri' 

To safeguard environmental sustainability is beyond tree planting or 'World Clean Up Day'.  


To conserve, protect and rehabilitate the health of a river and ecosystem with good practices for our water source, clean air and food security, it starts with you at home!

Beyond river & ecosystem restoration, we educate, empower and enable for sustainable change with good practices platformed on Actions for SDGs. 


You have creative ideas to generate power and water supply off grid, or any crazy ideas you wish to explore, let's hear from you.    

UCSI_P3_AB316_Yew Wei Zen_1002059442.jpg

Your amazing and eco-friendly solutions for our restoration work will benefit community like us greatly, so we can replicate and support other community for greater good. 

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Sustainability, ESG are the keywords making a buzz now in the market, but what actually are all these about and how to distinguish yourself from greenwashing to actually green roadmapping the right way for fair share to environment, socially and set policies for greater good? 


Partake the SDGs learning journey with us should you wish to understand how to become from SDGs Steward to SDGs Business Leadership. 

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Capacity building and our River Three - River CPR work development requires investment in infrastructure (example the yellow gated storage area as per the image on the right), a secured storage and upgraded infrastructure with increased resource - use efficiency for the community, sponsored by a corporate community.   

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Rain water harvesting system, off grid power supply, battery-powered grass cutting machinery and battery-operated hand tools, makerspace are some of the examples of tools and infrastructure we require to upkeep and continue the development work to complete Taman Melawati River Three SDG Park, a place-based, where we have transformed from a longkang-look riverine dumpsite into a River Three park.


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Want to be a change maker but don't know where to start? 


Come and GREduAction with us to explore on new interests and learn something new...

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