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What We Do

Akin to Human CPR, a life-saving first aid procedure, 

we action on River CPR.

Conservation, Protection, Rehabilitation matters for a healthy riverine biodiversity and ecosystem that provides water and food source for human and helps to filter pollutant for clean air. 

To bring back the forgotten river as the focal point in urban landscape, just like in Seoul, a freeway transformed into a public river park, named Cheonggyecheon stream and another in Utrecht, Nevertheland,

removing a motorway to bring back the original waterway, breathing new life into the heart of the city. 


However, in contrast to other public river park, Taman Melawati River Three (TMR3) and Mid Valley River Three (MVR3) Park's progress and development, is community-led, platformed on #SDG 17 Partnership for the Goals, multistakeholders collaborated to build & enable amenities, communities and economy to the thriving River Three Park. 


Hence, we educate, empower and enable River CPR - River Three Programme.

River Three refers to amenities, communities, economy.   

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Circular Economy

Keep our rivers flowing!

Sustainable river, riverine and biodiversity management practices help communities and organisations alike to understand the rootcause of land and water pollution in this country. 

Akin to the proverb, 'One man's trash is another man's treasure', many still on linear-economy based consumption (create-use-throw) instead of adopting Circular Economy-based consumption

(design out waste and pollution;

keep products and materials in use;

regenerate natural systems). 

Soft plastics and single use disposable plastics should be removed, glass and can tins to be upcycled, e-waste to be recycled and many more you can  Refuse, Reduce, Resell/Reuse, Repair, Refurbish, Remanufacture, Reuse, Recycle, Recover REnergy, and Remove. .and we have just the

Circular Economy Place-based Programme and Partnership for your considerations.

Actions for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Yes, we are talking about the

United Nation SDG Impact!

Some are familiar with the UN Sustainable Development Goals but most have not even heard of it, let alone Actions on it!


Whether you’re a business or employee or a student or an individual, your every action in your day to day life impacts the environment and resources for your sustenance. 


Talk to us to understand better what are true and genuine actions you can take to make a differrence with consistent & sustained outcome and not the usual 'syok sendiri' outcome.   


Climate Action

Can human survives from climate change?

"The world is in a climate emergency. Unless greenhouse gas emissions fall dramatically, warming could pass 2.9°C this century"

 Wheather you are looking for individual, team or organisation actions on climate change in a locality or a scalable solutions, we have the strategy for your roadmapping to implementation.

Riverine Ecosystem Restoration

Are our damages reversible?

Irresponsible human activities are the greatest challenge behind river restoration. Recognising the threats caused by pollution, poor waste management and unattended erosion, ART aims to provide opportunities for volunteers and enthusiasts alike for our river community.


Biodiversity Restoration & Enhancement

We care about all lifeforms

Protecting river habitats also includes enhancing river biodiversity through improving riverine corridor; creating a sustainable environment for living beings alike to thrive around our rivers. Here at ART, we aspire to provide accessible education and awareness, while considering sustainable land practices and community engagement.

Community Development & Building

Also known as the United Nation's SDG Impact

Community engagement in river restoration is an essential for healthy biodiversity. Our river restoration programmes aim to be inclusive and engaging so that volunteers and enthusiasts of all ages, gender and race are empowered.


Training Services

(What is Sustainability,
ESG Roadmapping,
Actions for SDGs)

Have a place in our projects

River management and restoration requires many hands, talents and skillsets - but, more importantly, we need dedication. Passionate individuals thrive through our training & consultancy because at ART, we cater to your individual prior knowledge. Experienced or not, we will share our expertise with open arms!

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